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Dept.of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1958 as one of the constituent departments of then new established Faculty of Economic and Social Studies.
The Department and since its establishment used to offer an academic programme in Economics leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Economics after completing 4 years of study.
Students are selected for the fifth year honors class on the basis of academic merit and they awarded a B.Sc. Honor's in economics.

After the adaption of the academic reform programme in 2003, the Department started to offer 3 specialization streams in economics, namely:
  -Economics & Finance.
  -Economics and Economics Development,and
  -Economics and Quantitative Analysis,This is where students in each specialization are awarded bachelor degree in the relevant stream of specialization.
The Department offers postgraduate training in economics which include an M.Sc.programme (by courses and research) and PhD in Economics (by research).
Staff members are about 19, with academic status ranging from professor to lecturer.

The Department staff research and teaching areas of interest includes :
   o Economics Theory.
   o Monetary Economics.o International Economics.
   o Public Sector Economics and Public Finance.
   o Labor and Human Resource Economics.
   o Banking,Finance,and Investment.
   o Econometrics,Forecasting and Economic Modeling.
   o Health Economics.
   o Islamic Economics.
   o Agricultural Economics.o Environmental and Resource Economics.
   o Poverty and Economics aspects of gender.
The Department has set a plan to engage itself and its staff in training, consultancy and academic seminar forums with the other academic and other related non-academic bodies.
The plan is currently being formulated and carefully structured by a number of committees for:
    o Short Training programmes.
    o Staff Seminar.
Local and Foreign scientific cooperation
The Department is also actively participating in the Faculty programme of action to revise and evaluate the current academic programme to ensure academic excellence and going in pace with new developments in the field.
The Department and its members, on formal and individual basis, are actively engaged in research and training activities with a number of government and non-government institutions such Bank of Sudan, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade in addition to other non-governmental academic and non-academic institutions at the local, regional and international level. read more

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