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  The science of statistics is the science that deals with the data and phenomena, and how they are analyzed and presented in a concise and possible way in order to draw conclusions and making decisions. It is used in the application of various sciences, as multiple applications in all areas of life (population studies, social, agricultural, industrial, commercial, engineering and medical), which led to increased demand for specialists in statistics and econometrics. Whereupon, the Department of Economics and Social Statistics has been established in 1978 in the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies in order to sustain itself with the rest of the other Departments.

  The student joins the department in the third year after he meets the general conditions of the department and awarded the B.Sc. (general degree - four years), and B.Sc. (honors - five years) in econometrics and social statistics. The department also awards post-graduate diploma, masters and Ph.D.In Econometrics and social statistics, in addition to the mediator Diploma in Social Statistics and data analysis.

  Department of Econometrics and social statistics is currently equipped with laboratory computer for teaching students of undergraduate and postgraduate different statistical and econometric packages and how to analyze data. It contains a collection of computers developed to teach the courses of statistical data analysis in the department and assist in conducting statistical analysis.

  The Department of Econometrics and Social Statistics seeks fulfill its mission by providing educational programs of high quality and that through the diversity of teaching methods and curricula to be correlated with the overall needs of society and the labor market.

It also provides significant research, training and consulting in the field of research, surveys and data analysis, and it is seeking to become a serious part in leading the Sudan majoring in Statistics and Econometrics, through its educational opportunities and effective in distinct phases of graduate and undergraduate studies in accordance with the following objectives:  

  • Provide professional graduates specializing in the field of Econometrics and Social Statistics who contribute to social programs in economic and social development in the State, public and private sectors.
  • Conduct theoretical and practical research in the areas of Econometrics and social statistics.
  • Preparation of training programs for workers in the various institutions within the activity section to serve the community.
  • The participation of students in conducting feasibility studies for projects that are referred to the section in the area of specialization in order to acquire experience and knowledge in this area

Statement by the Head Department:               

  In the name of God, praise God, prayer and peace on the best of mankind and the best of intercourse rest of our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, and yet, it's  the honor of the Department of econometrics and social statistics, Faculty of economic and social studies - University of Khartoum to put this site on the Internet to be helpful to information seekers for the department and its inception, establishment, vision and strategies and grades and information about faculty members, and some other services related to consultancies,, training and courses offered by the faculty department.
Finally, we hope to continue development of the site to serve the students and the educational process at best and should be an interactive you and you........ And long as you.

  Amin Mohamed Ali Haleeb, Head Dept of Econometrics and Social Statistics

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