The Faculty of Economic and Social Studies started in the late thirties as the Department of Accounting in the Higher Schools of Gordon Memorial College. At the beginning of the fifties the subjects of Economic, Social and Political Sciences were taught as part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Arts. In 1958 an independent Faculty of Economic and Social Studies was inaugurated, consisting of the Departments of Economics, Social Science, Political Science and Business Administration. The students of the Faculty were allowed to study some of the courses in the Faculty of Arts. Later the Department of Business Administration was established as an independent school. Some new departments such as those of Econometrics and Social Statistics were added to the Faculty as well as a center for development studies and research and a center for health economics.

 The premises of the Faculty are at the Central University Campus.

 Teaching Staff :

There are (49) members of the teaching staff in the Faculty, of whom there are:

(4) Professors

(22) Associate Professors

(15) Assistant Professors

(8) Lecturers 

The Faculty also employs 17 teaching assistants.